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Macey Aldcroft

Post by Paul Prescott » Wed Aug 06, 2014 1:24 pm

Back in 2007, Sam Aldcroft from Basingstoke joined the club, and started doing a few Solos in his rather nice 1380 Mini. Naturally, I got to know him quite well, and met his family a few times while helping him with various tasks on his Mini. Unfortunately, due to the pressures of life, Sam decided that he should not renew his membership in 2010, however, I maintained occasional contact with him since.
Last weekend, he sent me an email, some of which I include here for you all to see:

"Hi Paul, I know I haven't seen or spoken with you for a while, but I wanted to let you know that our poor Macey lost her battle with cancer and passed away on Tuesday 29th July.

Macey was diagnosed with a rare cancer (Rhabdomyosarcoma) on 3rd May 2013. She had been unwell since January last year with a swelling in her left cheek. It took them until May to finally diagnose it, and by that time the tumor was the size of a pear. At that stage it was localised and had not spread, so the outlook for cure was favorable.

She started on chemotherapy, and responded well, the tumor reduced in size by 80 %, so everyone was very positive about the outcome. Then (a year ago tomorrow) we were sent to America to have Proton Therapy ( which is a type of radiotherapy that is much more targeted and does less collateral damage than the x-ray type radiotherapy we have in the UK. Due to the location of the tumor it was felt this would be the best choice, as surgery would not really be a option. We were there for 3 months, and Macey had 30 days of treatment, plus more chemotherapy. She had her 7th birthday over there in Florida. It was not much fun though, our time consisted of going for treatment each day, then back to our apartment so she could rest. We did manage to go to the big toy stores most days though as Macey loved collecting toys and dolls, and of course we had to treat her as much as possible for everything she had to go through. In fact she got so much out there we had to leave our clothes behind to get everything in our suitcases!

She was doing so well for a while back home after proton therapy, but fell ill again in December. We found a lump on her back, and on Christmas Eve she had a biopsy and we discovered the cancer had spread to her spine. We tried different chemotherapy, and radiotherapy again (in the UK this time), and as always she was brave and full of spirit, and fought hard. Despite being told by the doctors to expect the worse, she appeared to defy all the odds and began to improve dramatically around April time, and the tumor shrunk massively.

Then just a few weeks ago, things took a bad turn, and we learned that both the tumor in her back, and the one in her face, were both active again. Her condition deteriorated rapidly from there. She had some emergency radiotherapy again to her back the week before last to try and control the pain. This seemed to start to have a positive effect the last few days, but she was on such high doses of medication for the last couple of weeks she was either asleep, or awake in pain. The last few days have been better in terms of pain control, but at the cost of her being so out of it on drugs, but at least she was able to come home from hospital for a few days and be with her sister.

She passed away early in the morning of Tuesday 29th July in her sleep; we woke up at 7am to find she was not breathing. It must have only just happened as she still felt and looked normal, but she had gone. She did not complain or cry out so we hope she did not suffer.

I thought you might like a couple of photos of her, it helps me in some way to think her memory is being kept alive by showing people her picture. One is from before she fell ill, and the other two were taken just a couple of weeks ago. You can see that she kept her spirits up right until the end. She was so brave and hardly ever complained, yet we had to put her through things I don't think I would ever have had the courage to have done. In fact, in the US she inspired so many people at the Proton Therapy center, there were plenty of older patients there who were very worried, but when they met Macey and saw her come out from having her treatment with a smile on her face, they knew they did not have to be scared and without realising it, she helped a lot of other people to cope.

All the best, Sam, Simone and Chloe Aldcroft"

Well, whatever gripes and moans you may have that make life seem so unfair, please spare a thought for Sam, his wife Simone and their daughter Chloe, particularly around the 14th August, when Macey's funeral service will be held. Should you feel sufficiently moved to want to add your input to FDMC's response, please see the details below:

"If anyone feels they would like to send flowers, could we ask you to instead consider making a small donation in Macey's name, to the Basingstoke Hospital Children's Ward and Charlies Day Unit. Macey received fantastic care from the wonderful staff at the hospital, and we would like to thank them for everything they did for us. Donations can be made directly by visiting:
or via cheques made payable to ‘Hampshire Hospitals Charity fund 4649’, sent please to Jonathan Williams Funeral Directors (details below).
Thank you for your support at this difficult time.
Sam, Simone and Chloe Aldcroft

Further Information
Charity Donation
or via cheque payable to " ‘Hampshire Hospitals Charity fund 4649’ via
Jonathan Williams Funeral Directors
35-41 Essex Road
RG21 7TB
Telephone 01256 817603

I am aiming to attend the funeral as a representative of FDMC.
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Re: Macey Aldcroft

Post by loobs » Wed Aug 06, 2014 1:42 pm

Paul, that's such sad news. Condolences to all the family and friends.

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Re: Macey Aldcroft

Post by Rich » Wed Aug 06, 2014 6:36 pm

Such sad news. Although they are no relation to me (that I'm aware of) please wish Sam and his family our condolences. I can't make the 14th.

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