Craig's Seicento

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Craig's Seicento

Post by cjfoggo » Sun Nov 17, 2013 4:32 pm

So you may all remember the red Seicento I used in the September solo. That has now been sold and attention can be turned to the yellow one I bought. It currently looks like this.

So now the to-do list:
Service, all the usual bits. Handbrake might need some adjustment.
Fit the 14' wheels that have been in the way at work for the last month.
Make or buy a subframe for my Sparco seat and then properly fit the harness.
N/S/R drum is binding quite a lot so that needs attention. I do have brackets to convert the rear to discs bur that means sourcing new Uno Turbo hubs, discs and calipers. Which is proving difficult!
If I do the rear disc conversion then front brakes will need to be upgraded.
35mm lowering springs to be fitted.
I have got a DIA induction kit (well enclosed cone) so I need to measure diameter of TB and get hose/tube to fit + hose for cold air feed.
Fit an "866" cam that I got for a bargain price from eBay. I actually got a whole head and inlet manifold with throttle body but it's for an SPI engine whereas this car is MPI.

I think that's everything. Oh and it all has to be done on the driveway in the cold. :(
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Re: Craig's Seicento

Post by STGTA » Mon Nov 18, 2013 3:44 pm

With a car this size, you could get a budget gazebo with sides..... and then you will not be out in the cold. ... quees.html
Alistair is an FDMC member too, he might entertain a small discount for you :-)
Nice car..... look forward to seeing it out and about in Fleet
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